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Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease is another dreaded diagnosis.  According to the AMA, there is no cure for Parkinson's and, really, only one medication to use along the way to try to slow down its progression.  Here you will see information leading to an entire scientific underworld that flies in the face of that dismal picture and prognosis.

This is not information you are going to hear on the news or from your doctor.  Remember, the information presented in the mainstream acknowledges only treatments and cures that spring from the AMA toolkit.  

"Knowledge is power..."  

This is a 71 slide presentation chock full of invaluable information regarding an intelligent nutraceutical approach to Parkinson's disease.  Based on years of experience researching and working with people with Parkinson's, if you or someone you love or know can benefit from this information, do tune in. - July 13, 2024
Click above for the PDF of the presentation.  This is full of informational hyperlinks, including a typical protocol I use for my clients with Parkinsonism.  
Help yourself to lots of scientific and practical useful information.  Be well!
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