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MSM is methylsulfonylmethane, a chemical found in plants and animals that can support cell structure, immune system, and connective tissue.  Sulfur is the raw material for a very important process in the body called methylation.  Together with glycine, the amino acides in sulfur work together to produce a critical tripeptide when it comes to health:  Glutathione.  Sulfur is also the raw material from which we make glucosamine and chondorintin and collagen, so it is very important for supporting all of our connective tissue; skin, hair, nails, joints, bones, eyes, etc.  At Wondrous Roots we make MSM eye drops in four different variations, and I recommend it be taken internally on a daily basis in powder form.  Learn more about this vital substance in the links below.  


MSM Eye Drops in 4 different varieties

Just like our skin, our eyes grow tougher and less resilient as we age. This is where MSM eye drops come to the rescue. As these eye drops have the ability to soften the leathery membranes of the eye, they can comfortably allow nutrients to pass with greater ease to the locations where they are needed in the eye.  We have four versions of the MSM Eye Drop to choose from; the Original MSM Eye Drop, MSM+Magnesium, MSM&Sea Buckthorn, MSM & Sea Buckthorn+Magnesium.  For more information and to purchase, click below. 
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