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Methylene blue

Methylene Blue.  I had never heard of it until March of 2022, but I was quickly smitten.  Methylene blue was the first synthetic drug, created in the late 1800's.  First used as a fabric dye, it was soon found to be effective against malaria, helpful for schizophrenia, and Dr. Alois Alzheimer noted that when it was applied to the postmortem brains of those with the dreaded disease named for him, the tangles and plaques untangled.  Methylene blue is a nootropic prized for its effect on mitochondrial energy and especially mitochondrial energy to the brain.  When used at low dose, MB donates missing electrons in the mitochondrial complex, and the results are, in my opinion, nothing short of miraculous.  This is the product I use myself and with my clients. 

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