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Similar to DHEA, melatonin is one of those controversial subjects when it comes to opinions regarding its influence on health and the wisdom regarding its use in supplemental form.  I first would like to put to rest the idea that if we take melatonin supplementally our pineal glands will stop producing it.  Studies prove there is no negative feedback loop regarding how much melatonin we produce ourselves if we are taking it in supplement form.  Another false claim is that melatonin use in puberty will prevent normal development of other hormonal systems.  Doctors continue to warn not to use "too much!," keeping recommended doses somewhere between 1-10 mg nightly, usually recommending only for help with sleep.  
How much they miss!  I routinely recommend between 60-180 mg of pure melatonin powder nightly for adults, and NOT for insomnia (although, of course, for that, too).   As you will see from the many informational pieces below, high-dose melatonin is highly therapeutic and strongly anti-aging due largely to its powerful antioxidant capabilities, AND it is a recycler of glutathione; the two work very, very well together when it comes to keeping us young and disease free.  Read on...

"You have more power than you know..."

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