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Our Team...The Phamily Pharm!

I have the most fabulously wondrous team! 


Sue White started working with me in the very early days of Wondrous Roots, when the practice was founded in 2005, and it was just "me and Sue."  She now commutes the long distance two days a week and continues to bring her unique gifts and talents to Wondrous Roots.   She is truly family, and I look forward to enjoying many more wondrous years with her next to me "on the bench."  


Mary Roentsch  - "Minnie" - is my father's widow and one of my very best friends.  Having teched and worked with customers in my father's compound pharmacy here in Keene - The Apothecary - for many years, she is a natural when it comes to assisting our clientele and helping to keep things running smoothly in the lab.  I count on her steadiness and know that whatever is going on, she will keep us all laughing.

Dale Montrone - my husband - came on board several years ago and is responsible for our lovely rebranding, marketing, photography, and at the same time hands-on produces virtually each and every batch of our skin creams and lotions.  He keeps the mixers humming all day long and assists with anything else that needs to be done, such as taking out the trash and running errands... just like a good husband!  

Krista Montrone - our daughter - is joining the team in September of this year and  bringing a fourth generation of "Roentsch" contribution to the health community of Keene, New Hampshire! For many years many have asked me, "Who are you training to take over when you're...gone...????"  "What if something happens to you?  Who will be able to help us like you do?"   Krista, of course!  With a generational  natural bent and a deep grasp and knowledge of holistic health and ongoing education, I look forward to mentoring her and spending many years with her by my side, teaching her "everything I know."  Dale and I couldn't be more proud!  




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