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While we're told there is no cure for cancer, I would say that's a matter of semantics.  Remember, the AMA is the only entity legally granted the priviledges of diagnosing, treating, or curing disease.  But the AMA has a very limited toolkit, and any diagnostic, treatment, or cure for anything must be found within that kit, and that kit contains really only four tool types:  pharmaceuticals, surgery, medical devices, and procedures.  Yet, even within the NIH research files there are thousands of published studies pointing to remarkable strategies found in nature and normal physiology to prevent, treat, and reverse many so-called "incurable" conditions.  

My purpose on this page is not to make any specific recommendations but to provide ready, convenient access to useful information.  "Knowledge is power..."  (Some of these are in my files for their influence on what types of nutrients or botanicals I use in cancer formulations; i.e., tyrosine kinase protein inhibitors, PDE-5 and cAMP, JAK3/STAT inhibitors, BCL2-like protein inhibitors, etc., but I include them just the same for those who have interest.)  

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