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At last! An amazingly effective & natural treatment for chronic pain?

I was talking with a compounding pharmacist friend of mine recently, asking his input for someone who had recently developed a neuropathy due to a neurotoxic reaction to the antibiotic nitrofurantoin. He mentioned a topical gel he had formulated using various ingredients mixed up in an ingenious way (my words, not his). As he was describing it to me, he mentioned “PEA,” which I scribbled down as important in the notes I was taking as we talked on the phone. I didn’t remember ever hearing about PEA up until that point. 

It wasn’t until several days later that I took a good look at my notes and noted that I had made particular note of PEA. Still, busy, no time to investigate at the moment.

Then, of all things, a couple of weeks later, when investigating therapies for neurotoxicity and neuropathy, I stumbled into material talking about the ethanolamines Stearoylethanolamide (SEA) and Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA).

Ah, ha!

In short, the ethanolamines are fatty acids that are endogenous to us; i.e., we make them ourselves. Like cannabinoids, they work within the cannabinoid receptor system in our bodies. And, like cannabinoids, they can be provided to us through various foods. Think “anandamide” from chocolate. That’s the part that makes you feel good.

Ethanolamines have been scientifically proven to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. We can use them as part of a wellness program to effect things such as chronic pain, and studies have shown that – in the case of PEA in particular – the relief in pain holds regardless of the etiology – or source – of the pain. So, for neuropathy, whether it be diabetic neuropathy, post-herpetic (after-shingles) neuropathy, chronic inflammatory neuropathy, and for pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

PEA in real life

A gentleman who has suffered severely with back pain following degenerative spine conditions and surgery – in agony for 18 or so years since the surgery – stopped in a few weeks ago. This is exactly the kind of case I was looking for as a test. He has been unable to work for that period of time, pain medications do not take care of his pain, and most he cannot tolerate, so he has just been left with severe, unrelenting pain.  It has ruined his life.

Just this past week he stopped up again to tell me that 20 minutes after his first dose of PEA he felt relief, and the relief has held while continuing to take 800-1200 mg daily!!!! I was ecstatic, and he said, as he told me, he was tearing up. Praise God. This man’s life has literally been transformed by being able to control debilitating pain. AND… with complete safety. 

Learn about PEA, chronic pain, and more here: 


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