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April 20-June 8

Hmm...Death by ...CALCIUM?
April 20, 2024

Bone health.  Cardiovascular health.  Brain health.  What's the connection?  Could the things we are doing to support these areas of health actually be backfiring?

For the information that goes with the video, click HERE

Quercetin - Allergies, Cancer, Autoimmune Illness & More!
May 11, 2024

Have you ever wondered what makes a “superfood” super? Or what top superfoods like red wine, green tea, kale and blueberries all have in common? The answer is quercetin, a natural compound tied to what all of us seek: better longevity, heart health, endurance, immunity, and more.  For more info, click HERE.

Precious Progesterone - NOT just for women!
June 1, 2024

Progesterone is a hormone we tend to think of as a female hormone. We associate it perhaps most strongly with pregnancy. But did you know that all of us make progesterone and depend on it for very many of its contributions to our physiology? Women, men, and even childen.  For more info, click HERE.

Hyperparathyroidism - Could this be YOU?
April 27, 2024

Parathyroid disorders are not that uncommon but very often go missing in diagnosis. Hyperparathyroidism - overactive parathyroid activity - is caused by a tumor or tumors on one or more of the parathyroid glands. Malfunction can cause a multitude of health problems, from fatigue, brain fog, and insomnia to osteoporosis, cancers, and, ultimately, death. Over the years I have suspected it in some of my clients and found that to be the case. The only treatment is removal of the affected gland.  For the informaitonal newsletter, click HERE.

Sunshine, Sunscreens: What you need to know!
May 18, 2024

The forecast for the sun care product industry is nothing but sunny, but are these products really protecting our health? I say, "NO," and I'm not just talking about the toxins within them but actually the deleterious health effects of blocking us from suns healthful rays. In the 40+ years since the introduction of sunscreens, the deadly form of skin cancer - melanoma - has continued to climb year after year.  For more info, click HERE.

Have you Heard? Omega-7 for Sjogren's, PEA for chronic pain, cucumber seed for bone health
June 8, 2024

Cucumber seed for osteoporosis.  

Omega-7?  Hmm... maybe you haven't heard about that one - a key to drying conditions and supporting many other areas of health.

Then, PEA - palmitoylethanolamide - for chronic pain regardless of "root" cause?  For more info click HERE.

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