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Lu Rong - Deer Antler - A Powerful Ancient Anti-Aging Medicine

Rebecca Roentsch Montrone, BS

Working with a client recently surrounding some of the issues that can present with peri-menopause and menopause, she mentioned that years ago her mother found the use of the traditional Chinese Medicine Lu Rong was very effective for the arthritis that seemed to appear at the same time as menopause.  

From my client's email just this past week:  "I just asked Mom and she said that she’s been taking it for 8 or 9 years. At one point she decided it was expensive and took a break from it; the arthritis pain in her fingers returned immediately. She currently takes 2 capsules one day and and 1 capsule the next day and so on. That seems to eliminate her symptoms and help her budget a bit."

I was immediately intrigued, because I remembered that some twenty years ago I did some research into the health-promoting properties of deer antler and was quite intrigued.  Then, for no particular reason, it fell off my radar.  

For those of you who have known me for any length of time, I am all about "root things" that nourish "many branches" when it comes to health.  Some of those you will be familiar with are glutathione, and more of late, methylene blue, and Indium.  

Since this interaction with my client, I am currently using myself and making available here at Wondrous Roots Lu Rong Supreme by Supreme Nutrition Products.  From their information: 

"We suggest Lu Rong for any case of physical trauma (car accidents, athletic injury), anyone wanting to increase endurance and athletic performance, inflammatory conditions, arthritis and cartilage degeneration, osteoporsis, osteopenia, nerve degeneration, sexual dysfunction and most people interested in slowing the degree of onset of aging*. We look at it as a whole food. Back before hybridization when people ate whole foods, many of them wild (including animals in some cases), there were small amounts of natural hormones and co-factors in the daily diet. We look at Lu Rong as restoring that part of the diet."

See the product page for lots more information and reading suggestions for those who want to dig deeper.  

"Go to Health!"  

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