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KEENE, NH – Listen  live every Saturday, Noon-1 pm EST, on FM 94.1, AM 1290, or live streaming to anywhere from the Internet

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Click on the date links to listen and the note links to view Rebecca's notes 'n links! 

RADIO NOTES DECEMBER 28, 2019 - A wondrous New Year approaches.... be well, be wary, be wise! LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES DECEMBER 21, 2019 - Licorice for Parkinson's disease?  Black currant for Parkinson's, improved exercise response, preventing holiday hangover?  Winter's officially here; don't dry out - the importance of keeping your air sufficiently moist.  Discover Magazine interviews Raphael Mechoulam - Foremost researcher of Cannabis medicine. Holiday recipe... More!  HEAR IT HERE!

RADIO NOTES DECEMBER 14, 2019 - Ron Hoffman's take on the worst health stories of 2019.  Is WebMD spying on you?  Cardamom - another wondrously healthy and delicious spice.  LISTEN!

RADIO NOTES DECEMBER 7, 2019 - Better than anti-obesity drugs?  CUMIN!  Who knew?  Learn how to make your own Jeera Water for health and weight loss... More... LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES NOVEMBER 30, 2019 - On my mind today... Turmeric/Black pepper for the liver; magnesium that reverses brain aging by nine years??  Weighted blankets... what's all the fuss?  LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES NOVEMBER 23, 2019 -  Sleep - why you need it, how you can improve it.  LISTEN!

RADIO NOTES NOVEMBER 16, 2019 -  A little bit of this 'n that - Magnolia bark for sleep and anxiety; aloe vera amazing for health in ways you never knew; St. John's wort - for neuropathy?  Fake news and the flu.  More.  LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES NOVEMBER 9, 2019 - Suzanna Streeter Kamphuis of TotumVos joins me to discuss collagen!  HEAR US TALKING!

RADIO NOTES NOVEMBER 2, 2019 - Sulfur.  What's the big deal?  More important for our health than we knew.... LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES OCTOBER 26, 2019 - Garlic 'n Onions - Delicious and more wondrous than you knew when it comes to health! LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES OCTOBER 19, 2019 - Raymond Elias joins me once again, this time to discuss stress, cortisol levels, and the difference between women and men.  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES OCTOBER 5, 2019 - Time to "think pink" again?  Okay, let's think "real answers."  Today, melatonin for breast cancer treatment and prevention, and melatonin for much more when it comes to health.  

RADIO NOTES SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 - Don't miss this one!   Marvelous Melatonin!  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 - "Intestinal Fortitude!"  What do do for inflammatory bowel conditions; Crohn's, Colitis, SIBO, IBS, etc.... LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 - 5 Reasons to never use the "purple pill" aka, proton-pump inhibitors or PPIs! LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 - Have you been "floxed?!"  Special guests Michelle Polacinski and Sue Lucia join me to discuss their experiences with drug-induced illness via fluoroquinolone antibiotics.  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES AUGUST 31, 2019 - Nicholas Burns & Louisa Stonehill of Ashuelot Concerts join me in the studio to discuss music and health!  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST   this is a bit annoying... start listening at 5:46

RADIO NOTES AUGUST 24, 2019 - Peppers, peaches 'n pickles!   LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST


RADIO NOTES AUGUST 10, 2019 - Unlikely "health foods?"  Coffee/caffeine, chocolate, and cholesterol... you might be surprised! 


RADIO NOTES AUGUST 3, 2019 - Brain health continued.  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES JULY 27, 2019 - Brain health.  Fear of Alzheimer's/dementia?  We have more control than we know! LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST!

RADIO NOTES JULY 20, 2019 - Enjoy summer and protect yourself from the summer HEAT!  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST!

RADIO NOTES JULY 13, 2019 - Is your toilet paper harming your health?   Now what???!!!  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES JUNE 29, 2019 - Round table discussion with clinical herbalist Justin Garner  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES JUNE 15, 2019 - "Keep your health?  Keep your sleeves rolled down!"  Devastating side effects of the HPV vaccines!  Misguided popular therapy for people with eating disorders.   LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES JUNE 8, 2019 - More summer sense tips - Poision Ivy, Skin Cancer, More.... LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST



RADIO NOTES MAY 25, 2019 - Let's talk about measles - the science! LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST

RADIO NOTES MAY 18, 2019 - Life and health lessons we learn from nature... Listen to the broadcast...

RADIO NOTES MAY 4, 2019 - Run for the roses and Cinco de mayo - health bennies in both traditions!  Listen to the broadcast!

RADIO NOTES APRIL 27, 2019 - What to do about seasonal allergies? Listen to the broadcast! 

RADIO NOTES APRIL 13, 2019 - Michelle Davis of Essential Wellness here in Keene, NH, joins me for a second time, today with an emphasis on natural approaches to spring cleansing.  

RADIO NOTES APRIL 6, 2019 - Pastors of the newly formed Elm City Church - Albie Powers & Justin Barney - join me to talk about this very exciting ministry right here in the heart of downtown Keene... HEAR THE BROADCAST!

RADIO NOTES, MARCH 30, 2019    Spring - A season of new life, joy, and health.


RADIO NOTES MARCH 23, 2019 - Daughter Krista and friend Dylan join me for a round table, fun discussion 


RADIO NOTES MARCH 16, 2019 Real strategies for breast health and more...


RADIO NOTES MARCH 9, 2019 - Muscians Nicholas Burns and Louisa Stonehill of Ashuelot Concerts here in Keene, joinme to talk about the importance of live music, chamber music, the influence of music on health, and how they came to Keene from London.  Also, I launch my new Health Freedom Forum Listen to the wondrous broadcast here!

RADIO NOTES MARCH 2, 201   Strategy for insomniacs, measles hysteria, depression and essential oils, more  Listen in! 


RADIO NOTES FEB 23, 2019 - Mental Health?  Mental Illness?  Let's talk.  Special guest Clair Oursler joins me in the studio... Listen in!

RADIO NOTES FEB 16, 2019  Scientific study demonstrates Curry's powerful effect on cardiovascular health  - Let food be thy medicine!  Son defies anti-vaxxer mom by celebrating his 18th birthday with SHOTS!  Thinking about your garden?  Dreaming about spring?  Learn about Wondrous neem; a one-stop shop for success!  LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM!

RADIO NOTES FEB 9, 2019 - talking about MATTRESSES - do your research before you buy!  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST HERE.... 

RADIO NOTES FEBRUARY 2, 2019 - Instant cure for  Plantar FasciitisMeasles scare... really?  Wow...  LISTEN TO THE SHOW!

RADIO NOTES, JANUARY 26, 2019 - Health dangers of SMART technology, and "Celery Juice Could Save Your Life!"  LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST!

RADIO NOTES JANUARY 12, 2019 - Nutritional deficiencies in the VEGAN/VEGETARIAN diet.            LISTEN NOW!


RADIO NOTES, JANUARY 19, 2018 - Tylenol dangers, cayenne pepper for weight loss, more! LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST HERE!

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2019 - Justin Garner, clinical herbalist from Sweet Flag Medicinals in Brattelboro, VT, joins me to discuss the new year and things we can do to improve our health.  Radio Notes 01/05/2019

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