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Click on the date links to listen and the note links to view Rebecca's notes 'n links! 

NEWSLETTER/NOTES DEC 31, 2022 - Wishing you a Wondrous New Year! My recommended New Year Resolutions... 

Hear the recording on Soundcloud...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES DEC 17, 2022 - Wondrous Holiday Foods - Exploring their Wondrous Roots! Listen to the recording on Soundcloud

NEWSLETTER/NOTES DEC 10, 2022 - The wonders of sulforaphane - broccoli sprouts!  Special guest Austin "Brud" Hodgkins of Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie joins me.  Fascinating.  Hear the program on Soundcloud...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES DEC 3, 2022 - Wild oats & wise sage!   Missed it?  Here's the recording...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES NOV 26, 2022 - The Wondrous Pine Tree, from pollen to nuts!  Amazing.  Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES NOV 19, 2022 - Special guest, a client, joins me to discuss her health and more... Get the recording and newsletter here. 

NEWSLETTER/NOTES NOV 12, 2022 - Let Veterans Day be EVERYDAY... Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES NOV 5, 2022 - Hormonal health issues; PCOS, infertility... more... Listen to the recording here! 

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 29, 2022 - Krista Montrone joins "Mom" in the WKBK studio.  We're talking about the medicinal properties of rosemary & lime AND botanical medicines for cold 'n flu.  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 22, 2022 - Concerns regarding government recommendations this week.  Guest John-Michael Dumais joins me once again to discuss.  Herbal medicine - science at its best!  Didn't get to the herbal medicine on the program, but plenty of info in the newsletter.  Listen to a recording of today's program here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 15, 2022 - "Trust thyself; every heart vibrates to that iron string!"  Get the recording here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 8, 2022 - Doctor's lying?  Hear the recording of this program NOW!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 1, 2022 - Happy Fall!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 24, 2022 - Baking Soda for Autoimmune Disease?  Wow!  Get the recording now... 

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 16, 2022 - Exiting the Medical Matrix Get the recording now!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 10, 2022 - Mushrooms - medicine from the woods - Wondrous Fungi!  Hear the program HERE.

NO NEWSLETTER TODAY!  I was going to talk about MUSHROOMS, but a listener called in at the start of the program with a question about folic acid.  I love the topic of folate and MTHFR defects, so the program became all about that.  Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 20, 2022 - The Wondrous Coconut - from Alzheimer's to HIV and many things in between!  Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 6, 2022 - Burgers on the grill with tomatoes, onion, lettuce and then corn on the cob....Healthy? You bet!

Hear the program!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 30, 2022 - Summertime Herbs - Let Food be Thy Medicine!  More concerning, the present age and the global dwindling rate of population in the year 2022.  Hmm.... Hear the podcast!  There is an interruption in the earlier part of the program with a caller; just keep listening, it will clear up!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 23, 2022 - Our access to nutritional supplements under attack by our government under the thumb of Big Pharma.  We must act NOW to stop it!  Listen to the recording at your convenience!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 16, 2022 - Red Vine Leaf?  New to me and maybe to you... let's learn together.... Hear the broadcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 9, 2022 - The Wondrous Pumpkin Seed!  A breakthrough for urinary incontinence? Catch the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 2, 2022 - Celebrating Independence Day and Freedom - Let's take our freedom BACK! Hear the podcast....

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 25, 2022 - Your children's health on the line!  New recommendations?  Look before you leap! Hear the podcast now!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 18, 2022 - Diabetes and glaucoma?  What's the connection?  Missed it?  Want to listen again?  Want to pass to someone else?   GET THE PODCAST!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 11, 2022 - Dan Glazer of AlphaBio Centrix joins me to discuss the role of energetic energy when it comes to weight loss.  Exciting!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 4, 2022 - Love your LYMPH!!!!  Three wonderful guests join me to discuss the perhaps "Unsung Hero" when it comes to our health!   Hear the program NOW

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 28, 2022 - Wondrous Vitamin B5!  Astounding... HEAR THE PODCAST!



NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 14, 2022 - Game Over!  Hear the program now...!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 7, 2022 - Summertime - fun in the sun - enjoy with natural, safe, and effective strategies! Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 30, 2022 - John-Michael Dumais joins me to review the last two years and where we are now. Listen to me sing my Becky Poppins ditty!  Catch it now...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 23, 2022 - Food shortage?  Regenerative farming to the rescue!  Also, lots of concerning health info revolving around the disastrous medical decisions and recommendations over the last two years.  Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 16, 2022 - Caitlin Caserta of Walpole Valley Farms; Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm; Bruce Hennessey of Maple Wind Farm - all my special guests today, and we're talking all things regenerative & sustainable farming!  Missed it?  Want to listen again?  Click here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 9, 2022 - Replay of Diabetes conversation with Forrest Sundstrom from October 30, 2021, but the newsletter contains some updated information regarding things happening now, so check it out!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 2, 2022 - Cold laser treatment for fat loss.  Special guest Kathleen Murphy introduces a new practice in town, Transformational Tools.   CORRECTION TO ONE PIECE OF INFO IN NEWSLETTER   Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 26, 2022 - "Let food be thy medicine?"  Thanks to industry greed, food is our poison.  Listen in!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 19, 2022 - Hormones are everything!  Talking about DHEA and pregnenolone today... Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 12, 2022 - Parkinson's disease - digging deeper! Encouraging science and insights. Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 5, 2022 - Rustles of Spring! Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 26, 2022 - Walpole Valley Farms - Guests Caitlin Caserta & Jessica Martin join me - get the history, the mission, and learn how they manage to get it all done! Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 19, 2022 - Always tell the truth.  Always listen to the truth.  The truth sets us free. Listen In!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 12, 2022 - The Remarkable Raspberry - "Let food be thy medicine!"  Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 5, 2022 - "Purple tea?" From weight management, to cardiovascular health, to brain health, and more.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 29, 2022 - Rebounding for your health - You'll be amazed!  Listen to the Podcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 22, 2022 - Jennifer Martin joins me to talk about the death of her husband Chris.  Hear the heartbreaking podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 15, 2022 - High blood pressure?  What to do!  Listen to the Podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 8, 2022 - New Year?  Start it out taking your life back!  Hear Becky fight back here!

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