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NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 14, 2022 - Game Over!  Hear the program now...!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 7, 2022 - Summertime - fun in the sun - enjoy with natural, safe, and effective strategies! Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 30, 2022 - John-Michael Dumais joins me to review the last two years and where we are now. Listen to me sing my Becky Poppins ditty!  Catch it now...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 23, 2022 - Food shortage?  Regenerative farming to the rescue!  Also, lots of concerning health info revolving around the disastrous medical decisions and recommendations over the last two years.  Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 16, 2022 - Caitlin Caserta of Walpole Valley Farms; Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm; Bruce Hennessey of Maple Wind Farm - all my special guests today, and we're talking all things regenerative & sustainable farming!  Missed it?  Want to listen again?  Click here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 9, 2022 - Replay of Diabetes conversation with Forrest Sundstrom from October 30, 2021, but the newsletter contains some updated information regarding things happening now, so check it out!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 2, 2022 - Cold laser treatment for fat loss.  Special guest Kathleen Murphy introduces a new practice in town, Transformational Tools.   CORRECTION TO ONE PIECE OF INFO IN NEWSLETTER   Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 26, 2022 - "Let food be thy medicine?"  Thanks to industry greed, food is our poison.  Listen in!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 19, 2022 - Hormones are everything!  Talking about DHEA and pregnenolone today... Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 12, 2022 - Parkinson's disease - digging deeper! Encouraging science and insights. Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 5, 2022 - Rustles of Spring! Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 26, 2022 - Walpole Valley Farms - Guests Caitlin Caserta & Jessica Martin join me - get the history, the mission, and learn how they manage to get it all done! Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 19, 2022 - Always tell the truth.  Always listen to the truth.  The truth sets us free. Listen In!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 12, 2022 - The Remarkable Raspberry - "Let food be thy medicine!"  Listen to the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEB 5, 2022 - "Purple tea?" From weight management, to cardiovascular health, to brain health, and more.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 29, 2022 - Rebounding for your health - You'll be amazed!  Listen to the Podcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 22, 2022 - Jennifer Martin joins me to talk about the death of her husband Chris.  Hear the heartbreaking podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 15, 2022 - High blood pressure?  What to do!  Listen to the Podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JAN 8, 2022 - New Year?  Start it out taking your life back!  Hear Becky fight back here!