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I wrote to you last summer when my family felt completely hopeless and had run out of ways to help my 8 year old son who was absolutely covered in warts. Now six months later he’s completely free of them thanks to your kind help and advice. I can’t express how grateful we are to you, it has completely changed my son’s life and given him his confidence back. Everyone around us is completely flabbergasted that this was all done with natural remedies. I have always been such a believer in the things that grow around us and how they can help us humans that when I fell upon your website in the US I was so glad to have found you! I wish you were a little closer by as we are based in the UK. If you’d like me to write a review on your website about how brilliant you are I would be more than happy to as I don’t think we can ever thank you enough for what you have done for my son!


Many, many thanks and good wishes 


FEBRUARY 6, 2024

"I just received my first order from your company and want to let you know how impressed I am with the prompt service and feel fortunate to have found your web site,  I did  find you with a google search and will certainly be placing more orders with you.

I am now an old lady who has been a "heath nut" long before it was even a thing and raised 2 daughters the same way at a time when it was very difficult to find anything organic.

I appreciated the information packet you included and while it wasn't new to me, I am sure it would be to many people and I am passing it along to some who need to know..

I have told several people about your site who are like thinkers and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with everything."

Janice Davies
Grants Pass, Oregon


January 31, 2024

Becky, I have to let you know how much this cream is helping with my facial eczema. The allergy doctor had me using Opzelura which is about the worst thing out there. Anyway, I saw this when I was browsing your web site and decided to give it a try. Well, I haven't had to use the Opzelura since. And I couldn't be happier with this Fig+ cream. Somehow it calms the itching and my rash has gone away. My skin thanks you, and I thank you. You are a healing wonder woman!   Sincerely, Sylvia Jones in Georgia

Radiation burn completely prevented, and bedsores healed!

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Harry

During five weeks of radiation treatments for prostate cancer I used Rebecca’s Wondrous Skin cream. Chatting with other patients week after week they reported their skin had the consistency of “fried pepperoni,” while I experienced absolutely no redness or blistering right up to the end of the treatments.

I was so enthused about Rebecca’s Wondrous Skin cream I gave it to a friend whose Alzheimer’s stricken mother suffered from horrible bedsores. The bedsores cleared up so quickly that caretakers kept asking what the secret was!

I could go on but I think the point has been made. Rebecca Montrone’s Wondrous Roots health care products belong in everyone’s medicine cabinet!

Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for my son. When I came to you two months ago, my son (age 10) was being tested with the school for having trouble with finishing, focusing, and the quality of his work, The testing was grueling - he was taken out of class many times and then had to make up the work he had missed at recess. After speaking with you my son started taking ATTEND. You recommended that his diet be looked at to make sure that he was eating enough of the right foods to keep him going through the day and recommended he take ATTEND.

After a few weeks we saw a little bit of a difference. Six weeks later it was like the light switch that was never on switched on! His grades in school all went up. For the first time he had all A’s and B’s. He always had a few C’s, which bothered him so much. He came home from school saying that this was the best day of his life. My son noticed he was able to keep up with his class, never feeling behind and different. At home we noticed a big difference; he would look us right in the eye, answer us, and do exactly what we had asked without five reminders. In sports, he was able to focus more. I went into his classroom for his Valentine’s Party, and his teacher pulled me aside and told me how wonderful he was doing in school and then apologized for recommending he go through the testing. She said, “I don’t know what happened, but if he follows along this path he will have no problem all of his school years.” I can’t tell you how happy this makes his father and me. As parents you want to do the best for your kids, and I was at a loss as to how to help him. He is such a sweet kid, and he always saw himself as different from everyone in his class – NOT ANY MORE. I can’t tell you how that makes a parent feel. Thank you so much for giving my son the ability to be the best that he can be. Cindy Butler – Windham, NH

Our cancer obliterated- September 8, 2015

“In early April of 2015 our dad and family were stricken with the gut wrenching news that no cancer fighting patient wants to hear “we’re sorry to tell you that it looks like your bladder cancer has metastasized to your liver… This is an urgent issue as liver cancer grows and spreads much faster than bladder cancer”. This disturbing briefing was a much larger ordeal than we believed our small infantry of family, close friends and 4 doctors could manage. 3.8cm mass left bladder base, 3.6cm mass left liver and 2.5cm mass right central liver.

 It was April 17 when we recruited Rebecca Montrone from Wondrous Roots. Becky began by meeting with our entire family for several hours to learn of all of our concerns and hopes. By that evening she had a recommended barrage of supplements to help our dad prepare his body for treatment, as well as, fight off the current tumors and any new growth. This was an education for all of us in great proportion on supplements and their effect on the body that we had never heard mention of before this date. We took this very seriously and purchased them for dad and he began this regime on April 18th, 2015.

Through the months that followed, the bladder cancer (that had been active for the past 8 years and treated three times a year with BCG followed by laser treatments to burn the cancer cells, and whom a physician told us in December 2014 was a 7 on a scale of 1 to10 in terms of an urgent need of surgical bladder removal) was put on hold while the physicians recommended treatment of microwave ablation of the 2 tumors in his liver.  It had been just over a month now since dad was taking the supplements. The surgery took place on May 29, 2015, although they were only able to locate the large tumor and dismissed the smaller one as “it must have been a shadow in the MRI”. The repercussions from this surgery would be a near death experience for dad as it created an infection in the liver which lead to a large liver abscess, a football size pocket of fluid on the spleen and a twisted intestine all requiring additional surgery, loss of 35 pounds and months of recovery that continue as I write this letter. All through this ordeal, we kept close contact and consult with Becky at Wondrous Roots who continued to guide us in the supplement intervention and recommended a new supplement of Vit Ck3 which dad started on July 25, 2015.

Fast forward to September 8, 2015. Follow up appointment for consult of current MRI 9/8/15 and bladder scan of 8/31/15. A meeting with the oncologist revealed no further signs of liver tumors. Stated his liver enzymes and labs looked great and he couldn’t believe how his liver had healed after so much trauma that in many cases would cause the liver to fail. He even used the word perfect! Further documentation of the bladder scan revealed no signs of carcinoma or any tumor activity, only visible signs of scar tissue. You see, this amazed us because remember, the bladder cancer of the past 8 years that was a 7 out of 10 in terms of urgency, and with a past consult for surgical bladder removal was now presenting with no signs of cancer from no traditional treatment and only supplement intervention.

Today, September 8, 2015, dad is cancer free! We owe deep gratitude to Becky for helping us believe and see the way through and beyond just traditional treatment.  Our Dad, George Blais, is living, telling, factual proof!”   The Family of George Blais – Keene, N.H.


The Big Picture 

As a chiropractor my professional relationship with Becky goes back 20 years. In that time we have shared in the care of a countless number of patients. Her advice has proved invaluable in many instances allowing patients, family and friends beyond roadblocks that were preventing them from achieving complete wellness. Her understanding of the neurological and structural principles of chiropractic care enables her to recognize when structure is interfering with the functional recovery of the patient. Her selfless desire to serve and brilliant mind is that perfect combination all of us in the healing arts wish we possessed. By establishing a working relationship with Becky the individual is actually establishing a lifelong resource for well-being. Her enthusiasm and passion is evident almost immediately upon meeting her, followed by that gradual awareness that this woman really knows her stuff.
Mark W. Stagnone, D.C. - STAGNONE CHIROPRACTIC - Londonderry, NH


Chronic migraine headaches 

When I went to see Becky, I had been suffering from migraines for twenty three years. They had become quite debilitating. I was taking a migraine preventative that wasn’t working. I also took a separate migraine medicine any time a migraine would occur. Over time, my migraine frequency had increased from needing to take that medication a couple of times a month to a couple of times a week, every week. I also took Excedrin daily for “regular” headaches. Physically and mentally, I was not in a good place when I went to see Becky.

After Becky’s thorough review of my medical history paperwork, research of my preventative medication, and a consult with me, she put together a new plan. She found that my preventative medication was causing many terrible side effects that I had been experiencing but didn’t know what to attribute them to. Working with a physician, Becky determined a safe weaning off of this medication. In the meantime, she put together a plan of supplements she thought would be most beneficial for me to take.

I have to tell you, it didn’t end for Becky once I walked out of her office. She emailed me relevant websites about supplements and migraine triggers. She also wrote a letter for my flexible spending account so I could save pre-tax dollars when purchasing supplements, and she continued to promptly answer questions I had along the way.

Becky changed my life! It sounds like a headline on a news stand, but it’s true. My daily headaches are gone! Remember that medication I told you I needed a couple of times a week? I have only needed to take it three times over the past nine months! I can’t even explain what a relief it is to not have that constant pain. I really don’t remember life without it. So, when I say Becky changed my life, she really did.
Danyelle Stuckart - Windham, NH

Perimenopause and fast, efficient weight loss! -

Comprehensive Nutritional Consultation

“I am a 47 years young woman going through peri-menopause. After getting to a point of frustration and hopelessness with the MDs in my life, I decided to give the, "natural path", to health a shot.

WOW!!! I am AMAZED!!! It has been 8 weeks of dietary changes and herbal supplements being added into my daily routine.

I feel GREAT!!! I am very encouraged to know that my health is being restored and that I can enjoy an active, full, and fun life. Not only do I see and feel the changes in myself but my friends keep asking, "What are you doing, Pam?" You look amazing...oh, did I forget to mention I have lost between 15-20 pounds over these past 8 weeks?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Becky for your sincere compassion for others, you are a blessing.” P. Graves - Keene, NH

Healing of Surgical Scar

It is with great enthusiasm I am writing to endorse Rebecca Montrone’s products. Every holiday season all of us women look forward to our bountiful gift baskets of Becky’s products! The moisturizers, scrubs and cleansers are a dazzling array of delights. But when I had a shoulder surgery I experienced Wondrous Skin cream’s effective healing and therapeutic properties.  

I had lived a rough and tumble life as a thoroughbred racehorse jockey and had to undergo a total shoulder replacement. I turned to Becky’s lightweight Wondrous Skin cream because it helped to flatten, soften, and smooth my post-surgery scar. In addition to scar reduction benefits, Wondrous Skin maintained the moisture balance in my skin while aiding in the healing process. There was absolutely no discoloration of my skin often times noticed with these types of aggressive scars.


Beyond all the curative effects of Wondrous Skin cream, the cream has a soothing creamy consistency when you smooth it on and it smells great!


If you want to make anyone in your life happier and healthier send them a basket of Becky’s goodies. Or better yet, treat yourself!

Devi Dawn – Glen, NH

B12- Energy Plus Patch


Energy PLUS!

I LOVE this patch! I wake up and I’m good to go all day and into the evening. No afternoon crash/nap desired. I work and come home to a small farm and have more than enough energy for chores. I’m VERY happy with this product!  ALICE B.21st Jul 2018

I Love not taking pills!

haven't been doing this long but to lessen the wear and tear on my gut with so many pills is a blessing. My gut is much happier!!HELEN HAWES  18th Dec 2016

CoQ10 Plus Topical Patch


Amazing! - 

I love the. convenience and I REALLY love how I feel since starting these daily patches. I am never sick even when everyone at work was, I also have so much energy! I really know they work because I ran out and those were not the best days for me....very happy with how I feel since starting on this product  ALICE B.21st Jul 2018

Easy and effective

Easy to use and don't even have to think about it. Appears to work well since it is noticeable if I run out. Very happy with it.

AP - 6th Mar 2018

Heart Help!

I love this patch! I am using 4 of these patches (Omega 3, B-12 and Glucosamine...are the others. I feel healthier with a lot more energy. AND I DON"T HAVE TO SWALLOW VITAMINS!!! Great way to stay healthy!!! Thank you Rebecca for your wise council!  TERA MORRIS - 22nd Feb 2017



Great Product

Great Product Great service and wonderful support when necessary. - Jonny, Nov 7, 2017

the best

the s-acetyl glutathione is an excellent product & a very necessary antioxidant for our livers. especially as we age and if we have health issues also. Only this type is absorbed via the mouth.  April 2016

Master antioxidant 

Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 300 mg #60 
Posted By: Cindy Tucker

I feel that I am doing the best job I can by using L- Glutathione to help prevent the return of my cancer. It helps keep my cells 
healthy through cell detoxification and so my immune system stays healthy, 
My blood tests are all normal and I feel healthy and full of energy. 

More reviews - see below

"Shrink that Thing" - for hemorrhoids 

It really works!   I saw a significant difference within one week.  CHRISTIANA PARSONS - 3rd Nov 2017


Beck's Bug Blast for People 'n Dogs

Putting bugs on blast

Beck's Bug Blast is amazing. It doesn't smell like (or contain) poison, feels light, and works. I've used it in the backwoods of NH, and am bringing 3 bottles to Puerto Rico this spring. Deters bugs without turning my skin into a toxic waste dump - love it! 

KEITH - 11th Apr 2018

Wonderful scent, highly effective

We have a dog who cannot tolerate typical flea/tick treatments as they cause seizures. This bug blast not only keeps him free of these pests but has a pleasant smell. Also works great for people!  RACHEL - 7th Jul 2017

The best!!

BBB has a great scent, light enough for kids! It's gentle and effective! What more can you ask for?! 


Plantain Salve

Works fast!

This salve is promptly taking the lump and itch out of bug bites that normally bother my family for weeks.  

CORIANDER 17th May 2018

Plantain saved my sanity

I had 7 little bites that were driving me insane. I got a hold of Becky & she suggested topical plantain. It worked like a charm & now they are gone!!  NANCY WOOD  20th Jun 2017

Worked well for teenage acne

My daughter (14 years old) had been suffering from bouts of acne. Some of the pimples were large. After applying the salve in the morning and evening for fives days the acne diminished appreciably. Now there are only faint pink spots which are lessening every day. Thank you for suggesting this product, it is working very well.  RAYMOND  30th Jun 2016

Healthy Heart 2 

I don’t usually review products but I feel so lucky to have this.


I was hospitalized twice with heart rhythm problems and medication helped little. Wondrous Roots Healthy Heart 2 has made a huge difference I take it 2 to 3x a day and I feel so much better my heart rhythm for the most part is normal. I highly recommend this product. I only hope I will always be able to get it.. Sincerely,Charles Babella

I have chronic AFIB and was having frequent bouts of rapid, thudding beats that would start to create anxiety for me.   


I have found that taking this product twice a day has so lessened these episodes that when I do have one, it makes me realize that I hardly ever have them anymore! I am usually the one to blame when they do happen because I know what foods to avoid that can trigger them (sugar, etc). I am very happy with this product!  ALICE B.     21st Jul 2018


Wondrous Face Wash

Haven't used anything else since...

I received a gift basket a few years ago, and discovered this face wash. I love it so much, I haven’t used anything since. Online ordering is an ease, and delivery is quick.  VANETTE MOULTON   31st Jul 2018

Fresh 'n Clean


Love this face wash! It leaves your face feeling clean and nourished! It has a fresh clean fragrance.  5th Nov 2015

Wonderful face wash for acne  


This is the second time I have purchased this face wash and I will continue to use it, as it has been the best face wash for my persistent hormonal adult acne. It is not harsh at all, and rather leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. After about a month of use, my breakouts were greatly reduced and my pores smaller. I also use the Wondrous Skin to treat acne scarring. Would definitely recommend!  CECELIA9th Aug 2015


Since I started using Wondrous Roots facial cleanser my skin has never felt or looked better. Yes it smells wonderful too!!! I can't imagine ever using anything else....I keep throwing away other products I have tried in the past as I find routine is simple...morning and night and it consists only of Wondrous Roots products...I am sold...Thanks are brilliant!! :-)

BARBARA  23rd Jun 2015

Sense of well-being

Product: Gerovital GH3
Posted By: Cindy Tucker

I can feel the difference when I use GH3!!! I have written a review on GH3 before and feel that it has made huge difference
in my mood and sense of well-being. I have much more energy
because I am sleeping better at night! Thank You!


Staying Healthy

Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 300 mg #60
Posted By: Cindy Tucker

This winter I came in contact with many people that had the flu and I was able to avoid getting it because I take Glutathione and other supplements recommended by Becky.
I just received info. in the mail about a "secret" anti-aging supplement, turned out it was Glutathione! Thanks to Becky I was already taking it!


very helpful!

Product: Mother's Friend
Posted By: N/A

Thank you for this, it was very helpful while pregnant!

Improved night sweats!

Product: Menopause Night Topical Patch
Posted By: N/A

I do recommend these patches for night sweats, especially around my cycle. Seemed to ease them up quite a bit :)


Heart Help!

Product: CoQ10 Plus Topical Patch
Posted By: Tera Morris

I love this patch! I am using 4 of these patches (Omega 3, B-12 and Glucosamine...are the others. I feel healthier with a lot more energy. AND I DON"T HAVE TO SWALLOW VITAMINS!!! Great way to stay healthy!!! Thank you Rebecca for your wise counsel!


Great product

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: BShattuck

I first tried this lotion when I received in a gift basket. Love that it is light in scent and when applied lasts all day. Very moisturizing.


It unequivocally works- "Nip It In bud"

Product: Nip It in the Bud!
Posted By: Carl A. Panza

This product definitely works without the sugar additives that lozenges give you. Ex: Coldeze


I am using this for my black Lab dog who has cancer ..

Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 300 mg #60
Posted By: Robert W. Ballou

My very best dog friend has the very common dog cancer .. So I decided to try this compound to see if it would help slow it down ... I am very sure it has done a great job at slowing it down and making her much more comfortable ... I would recommend it to see if it would work for your pet and for you too ....

Regards Bob Ballou


Restful sleep

Product: Wondrous ZZZs with Valerian Root
Posted By: Susan B.

Becky recommended this product as my husband and myself never have a restful night of sleep, so we bought a bottle and we took it that night before bed and we both had experienced just the first of many nights of unbroken restful sleep!! It's the best alternative ever!! We highly recommend you trying it!


Great cold buster

Product: Nip It in the Bud!
Posted By: Vicki

I have been using it for 3 or 4 years and don't want to be without it


Great stocking stuffer

Product: Wondrous Lips - Cutting Edge Solution for Cold Sores 'n More
Posted By: Kathy M

makes your lips feel like butter!


Nip it in the Bud!

Product: Nip It in the Bud!
Posted By: Kathy M

Nip it in the Bud is appropriately named. At the first sign of a cold, a couple of squirts in my OJ and I'm good to go. My job as school photographer brings me in contact with many different children daily during cold and flu season. during this time I use Nip it on a daily basis and have stayed healthy. This year was my sixth season using Nip it in the Bud. I won't go without it.


Works well

Product: Anti-Nausea Formula
Posted By: Kathy M

I've had occasion to use this product twice. Both times I have had fast relief from nausea. Also gave it to my granddaughter she had already begun to feel better but continued to improve. Worth a try.



Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion in a JAR - NEW!
Posted By: Kathy M

nice, clean feel, less dark bags under eye area.


Truly wondrous

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion in a JAR - NEW!
Posted By: Maribeth

I love this lotion. It smells so good and has a light, whipped, creamy texture. Reading the ingredients, I see all sorts of healthy and nourishing flowers, plant extracts and oils. Highly recommended!

Can't live without it

Product: Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Serum
Posted By: N/A

Love the feeling of this serum and use it morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing. It feels like it slightly tightens my skin. Lovely.


Love these eye drops!

Product: MSM Eye Drops
Posted By: N/A

I have been using the MSM eye drops for some time now and have found that they keep my eyes moist and comfortable. I use them in the morning and evening, occasionally during the day. I recommend them highly.

Diffuser necklace

Product: Terracotta Diffuser Necklace - Swirls
Posted By: Louise

My sister in law was just diagnosed with breast cancer she will soon be starting chemo therapy. I bought this necklace for her along with ginger essential oils to give her a natural alternative to any nausea she may experience. Hoping we can get ahead of any potential side effects she may have.


Essential oils 

Product: Ginger Root Extract
Posted By: Louise

Bought the diffuser necklace along with ginger essential oil for my sister inlaw who will be starting chemo therapy. Ginger helps with upset stomach. Hoping to get ahead of any potential side effects from the chemo treatment using a natural alternative.

Love the new jar 

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion in a JAR - NEW!
Posted By: Helen Hawes

You only need a tiny dab to moisten your whole face and after a shower it's great on everything. The new jar makes it so much easier to get at, down to the last drop!


I love not taking pills! 

Product: B12 Energy Plus Patch
Posted By: Helen Hawes

haven't been doing this long but to lessen the wear and tear on my gut with so many pills is a blessing.
My gut is much happier!!


Best magnesium gel 

Product: Magnesium Gel
Posted By: Kathy

I have given this Magnesium Gel as a gift to many family & friends (knowing how likely it is they are magnesium deficient). Helps mom prevent the foot cramps that would wake her up at night. Relaxes my brother's hip & back muscle spasms he has been plagued with. My sons are runners & will stop leg cramps in the middle of the night. I have to mention my neck & shoulders are happier when I use it regularly.  The Lavender Peppermint smell is a bonus and is my favorite. Lotus Berry Blossom is wonderful as well. Thank YOU Becky!



Product: Gerovital GH3

Posted By: Cindy Tucker

Taking this supplement has made me more joyous! I am sleeping better and I spend less time falling asleep. Thanks again Becky!

Skin cancer and shingles rash

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Judy S.

Have used "Flonida-5%"5% on my skin until I started using "Wonderous Skin Cream." My recent visit to my dermotologist she was impressed on how well my skin looked&told to keep on doing whatever is working.I had no scarring from the shingles rash which I applied the cream too. I highly recommend this product.


Great product

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Robyn

I am very happy with this product.


Magnesium gel 

Product: Magnesium Gel
Posted By: Susan

The product helps relax muscles as I work with my clients. I tell them most people at Mg deficient and this will help in relaxing and increase they need. They seem satisfied. Thank you Becky and for you helpful podcast!!


Breathing easy and without pain 

Product: "Wondrous Nose"
Posted By: Kathy Brooks

This is my first purchase of Wondrous Nose. For years I have been looking for something to help with the cracking and bleeding inside my nose this time of year, and nothing has worked until now. After only a couple of applications there is a huge improvement. Such a relief, and no more pain when I have to blow my nose. Nice scent as well. I highly recommend Wondrous Nose!


Best find for the brain... 

Product: Gerovital GH3
Posted By: Maria

This product has been a God send. It eliminates minor depression, gets rid of the brain fog and allows you to pursue your day with confidence and focus. You will engage in conversations better and begin to have a positive outlook on life again.


Love it.

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion in a BOTTLE
Posted By: Mary Ellen Waldmann

Searched for a healthy lotion that was free of chemicals and the "unknown." A friends suggested trying Wondrous Roots. Visited the shop and purchased Wondrous Skin - the Lotion. It's creamy and applies smoothly. My skin is silky and feels silky and nourished after application. As I told Rebecca...This product is GOLD!


Product: Beck's Bug Blast - For People & Dogs
Posted By: Frank

My dog has not had a single flea since I started using this on her in August of 2015. Even one flea causes major irritation and discomfort for her. Despite regular bathing and other supposed natural products, nothing worked. Every night I would use a flea comb on her and I would find from 1-3 fleas. The day before I received this product. I gave her a bath, using Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. That night I found two fleas on her. I will also mention that we maintain a clean and tidy house. I believe that she was picking up the fleas on our daily walks in the park. I applied the product before our next walk, and she has not had a single flea since. Her skin completely cleared up within a few days. I didn't even end up using the Plantain Salve that I also purchased, because this product has a soothing effect as well. This is a great product!


No more itchy eczema

Product: Wondrous ImmuneSkin for Acne, Eczema, Rosacea & More
Posted By: Kathy

My 10 yr old grandson has had eczema since he was an infant. Over the years we have used many salves, creams and occasionally when things were very bad a prescription steroid cream. The first time we used Wondrous Immune Skin he said it stopped the itching immediately and even the next day he told me he didn't even scratch in his sleep. What a blessing to finally give him relief. It IS truly Wondrous.

Immediate results

Product: Gerovital GH3
Posted By: Carl A. Panza

I wrote about this supplement before. It continues to surprise me. Now that I have used it for a longer term it definitely is the real McCoy. At 73 years old I honestly feel young again.
Although there are other brands this particular formula comes directly from the discoverer and is far more effective.


The ultimate free-radical scavenger

Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 300 mg #60
Posted By: Carl Panza

There are two reasons why I use this product. One is the research I did on Google and second is my confidence in Rebecca Montrone's expertise in selecting this particular brand which is recognized as the most effective.


No more cold sores!

Product: Wondrous Lips - Cutting Edge Solution for Cold Sores 'n More
Posted By: Kathleen Brooks

This is better than any OTC "medical" cold sore remedy on the market, with the most important bonus of being all-natural and organic! I will never use those other products again. At the very first twinge or tingle, I use this lip balm and have not had another outbreak in ages. If I don't catch it in time and get a cold sore, this heals and shortens the outbreak considerably. And, my lips are nice and soft too. I would highly recommend this product, and plan on buying more for stocking stuffers this year!


Excellent skin product

Product: Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Serum
Posted By: Kris

My skin has shown noticeable results after using this product! Every morning and evening I put several drops of the serum on my face and follow it, as suggested, with Wondrous Skin, which is wondrous indeed! For night I use the Wondrous Skin PM (and it really does help you sleep!). I love Becky's products as I know they are pure--and wondrous!


Wonderful face wash for acne

Product: Wondrous Face Wash
Posted By: Cecelia

This is the second time I have purchased this face wash and I will continue to use it, as it has been the best face wash for my persistent hormonal adult acne. It is not harsh at all, and rather leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. After about a month of use, my breakouts were greatly reduced and my pores smaller. I also use the Wondrous Skin to treat acne scarring. Would definitely recommend!

My face loves wondrous skin lotion

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion
Posted By: Ann

I have been using Wondrous Lotion since 2013 after meeting Rebecca at the Women's expo. She gave me a sample of the face cream and I bought a bottle of the lotion. They are so WONDERFUL! I use the face cream at night, from time to time, and love the lotion as a daily face moisturizer.

After trying Wondrous, I thought I would se up the "natural" moisturizer I had on hand, but after two days my face begged me to go back to the Wondrous lotion...and I haven't looked back since!

It changes your skin

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion
Posted By: Tera Morris

Any blemishes, bruises and I am noticing wrinkles start to disappear with this wonderful body cream!!! Keep making this! I'm addicted to it!


Instant energy 

Product: Cacao Seed Extract
Posted By: Tera Morris

Makes you feel great while keeping you healthy.


Can't be without it during the allergy season 

Product: Allergy Relief
Posted By: Kris

I bought a bottle of Allergy Relief and went back for a bigger bottle as it worked so well. I'll never be without this wonderful combination of herbs during allergy season again!

Great results 

Product: Intestinal Health
Posted By: nikki

I have crohn's disease and ibs which I have been managing by myself for the past 3 years. Since using this product I have had less flair ups then I did on prescription medication without any side effects.


Magnesium gel is great!

Product: Magnesium Gel
Posted By: Judy Spencer

My chiropractor told me that most everyone is deficient in magnesium, and that one of the best ways of getting magnesium into the body is transdermally (through the skin), so I really appreciate this product for that reason alone. The wonderful smell (lavender/peppermint), and the way my skin feels after using this are just added bonuses! Thank you, Becky!


I love this product!

Product: Wondrous Face Wash
Posted By: Judy Spencer

This is by far the BEST facial cleanser I've ever used, and I'm in my 60s! The Wondrous Face Wash is mild, but cleans really well, even removing makeup. My skin never feels dry after cleaning, and although it tends to be very sensitive, I've never had a problem with this product. I love it.  


Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Terry Heinzmann

I love this cream! It is so luscious and smooth, it makes my skin feel like it is being taken care of and best of all, I love knowing that every ingredient that is in it is good for my body.
Thank you, Becky, for making such a wonderful product!


Superb quality 

Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 200 mg #60
Posted By: Roger

Glutathione is needed for creating the active form of thyroid hormone. With lack of thyroid hormones, the number of mitochondria decreases. Glutathione is also needed for the cell mediated immuneesystem to signal intracellular chronic infections. Takes about a month of glutathion therapy for the body to switch to more vital mode.

Kidney stone formula "saved" Christmas 

Product: Kidney & Stone Formula
Posted By: Katie

December 23rd I had an attack (we celebrate with my family on the 24th). I thought I was in for it - feeling sick to my stomach, sweating and some pain. I took your formula as directed, through the night, drank plenty of water, prayed and I was good to go the next day! I couldn't believe it!

Wondrous Skin is the best I've used 

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Val

This is my 3rd purchase of Wondrous Skin. I've reordered for the following reasons:
- GENTLE! After surgery, this was the ONLY product I could use on my skin. (All others irritated it, making it itchy and red.)
- natural ingredients, natural scents for sensitivities to perfume
- smooth and easily applied to skin
- one bottle lasts a very long time.

Exactly what I needed 

Product: Baby Blues
Posted By: Martha

The Baby Blues tincture was exactly what I needed to compliment the support and tools I used when experiencing post partum depression after the birth of my first child. When I started recognizing similar symptoms after the birth of my second child I knew exactly where to go first, to Wondrous Roots! Thank you!!!


Prevention of kidney stones 

Product: Kidney & Stone Formula
Posted By: Ze'ev Ben-Dror

I have suffered from kidney stones over 30 years, but the Kidney & Stone formula has prevented them ever since I began using it.


Combo pack nip it in the bud and FluENZ

Product: Cold 'n Flu Season Combo Pack #1 SALE!
Posted By: Linda Adams

Wow these prouducts you don't want to be without. What a good deal 2/$35.00
I have these two great prouducts on my shelf all year round. When I travel they go with me .even on a plane.
If someone is where I am and they start getting sick , I take out my products . I use one or the other. Nip it when I'm not sure what they or myself have come in contact with. Flu-ENZ when I know the flu is all around me or my loved ones.
I won't be without it. In fact my husband will check the bottles out to make sure we have enough. He uses it wben he's been around others that have colds or sickness for a preventive. Then says to me " I think you should take some to be on the safe side. How about that one !! He loves me that much that he gets concern for my well being. I am thankful for his caring concerns. Thank you Becky for this great buy and these superior prouducts.


Wondrous Skin 

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion
Posted By: Linda Adams

This is the best lotion I have used on my skin . My legs and arms feel so smooth and revitalized . The lotion smells clean. Feels clean all over.
I had a rash on my legs that I had a hard time healing . I tried all kinds of lotions to prescription creams that just made the rash worse. I tried Wondrous skin and after a few times using this product on my legs they began to heal up. It has been over two years now and I don't have that itchy rash on my legs anymore thanks to wondrous skin
thank you Becky for making this awesome product. I won't be without it.


Mood lifter 

Product: Gerovital GH3
Posted By: Susan Dalton

Nice mood lifter as I'm heading into the "M" years with teenagers....both of which can cause huge mood swings!!


It works, and I'll be a faithful customer

Product: Allergy Relief
Posted By: Jane Elizabeth of NY

I really see a difference when I use this. I shared it with my son and he also enjoyed the benefits. I do not want to be without it. I also can highly recommend the eye drops. They have made a world of difference to my allergy eye condition as well as adding much needed moisture.

Lovely scent, great lather 

Product: Wondrous Face Wash
Posted By: Rachel

This is my first time purchasing the wondrous face wash but it won't be the last. The creamy texture of the wash coupled with the great lather leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out. Great product!

It's my comfort in a jar

Product: Plantain Salve - For Insect & Spider Bites
Posted By: Enza

I recently received 6 green-head bites to my ankle and leg. The bites became very infected and nothing was relieving the itch, swelling, and even bruising. I purchased this salve and it was instant relief. The itching subsided immediately and the swelling was better in 24 hours. I believe it was the reason I did not have to be admitted for IV antibiotics as the Dr had recommended. Thanks for making such a great product


Best night cream I've used 

Product: Wondrous Skin PM - with Melatonin
Posted By: Rachel R

In addition to a lovely and mild scent, this cream goes on quite smoothly and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking bright. I have very oily skin and this cream helps keep my oil production down by giving me great hydration with healthy oils. In addition, the melatonin really does help my sleep. The jar lasts a long time. I'm hooked and don't use any other night cream!


No more kidney stones 

Product: Kidney & Stone Formula
Posted By: Ze'ev Ben-Dror, C.C.N.

I have suffered from kidney stones since 1978, but
ever since I began to use Kidney & Stone Formula, I haven't had any kidney stones.


Hands much better 

Product: Arthritis-Plus
Posted By: Susan

My arthritic hands hurt much less when I'm on the drops. Good stuff!!


Handy for bad hands 

Product: Anti-Inflammatory Formula
Posted By: Susan

My hands get VERY cranky when I run out so I try not to do that!! Good stuff!!


Very popular at Boy Scout camp!

Product: Plantain Salve - For Insect & Spider Bites
Posted By: Kim Monterio

My family has used and recommended this product for years. We first used the liquid. I took the salve with me to Cub Scout camp this past week . The boys kept asking for the "bug bite stuff that doesn't sting" The salve was effective in reducing the swelling from the bites and taking away the itch. The bites healed faster too with the salve on them. I am taking it with me to Boy Scout camp next week!



Product: Anti-DHT
Posted By: linda adams

Wow this amazing formula is helping the roascea on my husbands face . He takes this formula orally 3x daily and then he also use the immune skin along with this formula he applies to his face .Another great product I highly recommend to anyone who has rosacea or blemishes on their face.

Great moisturizer 

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion
Posted By: Debbie Mackenzie

I've just started using this on my toddlers very dry skin on her arms and legs and I love it. It makes her skin so soft and smooth! And it doesn't dissipate right away. It feels like it's still there hours later. The smell is light and fresh!


Don't ever stop making this!

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Debbie Mackenzie

I have been using this for years! If I have any cuts, scrapes, burns or irritations, I apply this twice a day and within a few days, it is gone! It's soothing and fast healing! I'm now using it as a moisturizer, even under my makeup! I use it night and day and my face is so soft and all my red marks are gone!

Love Love Love!

Product: Wondrous Face Wash
Posted By: Debbie Mackenzie

I love how my face feels and smells after washing! it's soft and my pores are clean! I had quite a few tiny bumps on my face that have been there for years and they seemed to have disappeared! My face looks smoother! I love this product!


Surprisingly effective

Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 300 mg #60
Posted By: John

As a naturally suspicious person, it's difficult to be sure of the effectiveness of any supplement. However, there can be no other explanation for the complete cessation of all my wife's asthma symptoms for almost a year. We have also escaped all colds and flus while on this supplement while others around us have gotten sick multiple times.


Fell asleep and STAYED asleep!

Product: Wondrous ZZZs with Valerian Root
Posted By: N/A

I am often skeptical about products that claim to help me sleep, I've tried SO many of them and been disappointed. A friend recommended Wonderous Zzzz's and I tried it out of desperation. WOW, I actually fell asleep and stayed asleep! This stuff has really helped me and I have already recommended it to family and friends. Miraculous!


I have been using this for 5 years...

Product: Wondrous Skin
Posted By: Kim

I first used wondrous skin in 2008 for very dry, cracked hands. I loved it right way because it never felt too greasy. I now use it on my face as well. It is also very effective on sunburns. Several times it has helped heal the burn.

My "gift from heaven" 

Product: Wondrous ImmuneSkin for Acne, Eczema, Rosacea & More
Posted By: Enza

I have suffered with perioral dermatitis for several years now. Each time I get a breakout I have to run to the Dr and I get put on antibiotics. I have been searching for years for a product that would relieve the burning, itching, and redness with hopes of not taking an antibiotic. I used the Wondrous Immune Skin and with one application I felt immediate relief of the itch and burn. With two applications, the swelling was gone. After 4 days, my skin is almost back to normal. I love this stuff and will continue to use it and consider it my little gift from Heaven!


Magnesium gel - neuropathy 

Product: Magnesium Gel
Posted By: Linda Adams

Magnesium Gel is a wonderful product that I apply to my whole body and use specifically on my right side from the hip to the toes as I am suffering from side effects from shingles. I have slight pain and numbness in this area and the Magnesium Gel gives me a lot of relief from the pain and numbness. (Neuropathy)

Neuropathy sufferers you will want to try this product out. It works great and gives relief.
I like the smell and woud recommend this product to everyone .
Thank you Becky so much for another great product you make. God bless you in everything you do . We love you , Big B and Linda xo



Product: Topical Anti-Viral Solution
Posted By: Linda Adams

Feb 4, 2014 I was diagnosed with shingles. I broke out with blistery bubbles on my right leg on the inside along the nerves below my knee.
I was put on meds for 10 days . I spoke with Becky about them. she has this amazing topical anti-viral spray that I purchased . I sprayed the anti-viral spray on my leg that evening . What a relief from pain and itching that spray gave me. The very next day the blisters were gone down in size and dried up. The second day the redness started to go and before the week was up they all were gone. This product I would recommend for anyone who suffers from shingles , chicken pox, cold sores. and more.
I had a cold sore on my lip . I put this product on my lip and it dried it up right away. Thank you Becky so much for an excellent product that feels so good on the skin, gives relief and smells good. God bless you in all you make . They all work wonders!


Improving eye sight 

Product: Wondrous Sight
Posted By: Barbara Gile

I have had problems driving at night particularly when raining. If I am taking Woundrous Sight and Lutein, I have no problems seeing at night with the rain.


My favorite lotion 

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion
Posted By: Micki

I love this lotion! It goes on easily, isn't greasy and absorbs quickly - everything I want in a lotion! Can't recommend it enough!


Wondrous Lips 

Product: Wondrous Lips - Cutting Edge Solution for Cold Sores 'n More
Posted By: Linda Adams

I had very dry ,burning feeling sore lips after being in the hospital a few days and going through surgery . I wished I had this lip balm with me when I was admitted . When I got home I used the wondrous lips and it started to heal my dry, burning ,sore lips up right away.
It makes a wonderul gift for all occasions .

I purchased this wondrous lip balm for my brother-in-law and for my future granddaughter-in-law for Christmas and they love this lip balm. She said she will always use this product on her lips. She really appreciated this thoughtful ,wonderful gift she told me.
This product has so many good ingredients in the formula . To name a few 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil ,certified organic lemon balm,certified organic calendula flowers, Organic certified Green tea leaves to help heal and it also can prevent you from getting cold sores.

Another big Thank you Becky for another great product that I love .


I am NEVER without either one!

Product: Cold 'n Flu Season Combo Pack #1 SALE!
Posted By: Karen G.

Both of these natural remedies are essential to have on hand. I haven't had to use an antibiotic in years. The 2 oz. size is perfect for traveling too. Thank you Becky for making top quality products!


More help from MSM eye drops 

Product: MSM Eye Drops
Posted By: Linda Adams

I thought I would let you know how the MSM drops are working for the guy Bruce I called you about here visiting from Jamaica. He has been using the drops and his eyes haven't been so watery . He isn't having to wipe them as much like he was. He might not have to have the operation on them if the drops keep improving his eyes situation. He was in a bad car accident approx 7 yrs ago and has had problems with his eyes continuously watering since the accident . It seems like the problem is in the tear duct area. I'm not sure. But Karen his friend that lives here in Keene told me that he has been happy with the drops that he hasn't had to wipe his eyes so much and thinks the drops are working for him. I am praying that the eyes will be healed and he doesn't have to have them operated on. He will be back here in Feb or March or when ever he can get another visa back to the states here.

Praise God for the relief he is getting right now from your excellent product. I will keep you informed .Thank you for caring for so many people that are benefiting from these awesome products.


Had to give mine away and need more!

Product: Wondrous Skin - The Lotion
Posted By: Kelly LaFalam

I just had a wonderful testament to your lotion! I have the bottle I bought at the Ladies Night on my desk. One of my co-workers came over and asked, OMG, where did you get this lotion? So I told her, and she said, I used some the other day and I love it! So I think I will give her my bottle, and order another one from you!  I walked over and gave it to her and she was so appreciative. Her hands have gotten really dry from doing the dishes, etc and she thought it was just wonderful.


Love this stuff!

Product: Wondrous Skin PM - with Melatonin
Posted By: Micki

I have found Wondrous Skin PM to be a huge help in getting to sleep at night. I put it on my face and neck, and about 15-20 minutes later, I'm falling asleep! Would definitely recommend giving this stuff a try! (And the lotion in itself is wonderful, my skin loves it!)


Can't live without it 

Product: Allergy Relief
Posted By: Susan

Need I say more? Running out is a BAD idea for me! I notice the difference almost right away if I run out!


Product: (S-Acetyl)-L-Glutathione 200 mg #60
Posted By: Micki

I have been using acetyl-glutathione to help in treating my migraine headaches and have definitely seen improvement since I started. My headaches don't last as long and they are usually not as severe as they have been in the past.


Yet another testimony for   WONDROUS SKIN - THE LOTION!

I just had a wonderful testament to your lotion! I have the bottle I bought at the Ladies Night on my desk. One of my co-workers came over and asked, OMG, where did you get this lotion? So I told her, and she said, I used some the other day and I love it! So I think I will give her my bottle, and order another one from you!

I walked over and gave it to her and she was so appreciative. Her hands have gotten really dry from doing the dishes, etc and she thought it was just wonderful. - Kelly LaFalam - Keene, NH


"Smells like lemon butter!" - WONDROUS SKIN - THE LOTION!

Cam used the lotion today for his face (got dry patch across his forehead). I asked if he liked it. He said "Mmm-hmmm, smells like lemon butter." :) And, honestly, he usually hates putting on lotion. :)

I love it too. Katie Dunkley - Haverhill, MA


Nutritional Health Consultation    

Hi Rebecca! I am doing really well in so many health areas of my life, John and I can hardly believe it! You are amazing at what you do! GOD BLESS YOU!!! My arthritis pain is substantially about 90 % gone! What a relief! My hair is getting much thicker, yeah! And I am sleeping quite well every night, with NO sleep medications. THANK YOU, REBECCA!

- Marilyn Huyck - Fayetteville, Ohio


Physician Feedback WONDROUS LIP BALM - June 10, 2013

"I have used your lip balm on a number of things including viral xanthem, chelosis, dryness, chapped, etc., and it works great. I would like to get some to give to my patients. It also has worked on herpes around the lips as well. At some point I would like to go over your other products so I can start using more, as well."


Nicholas J. Palermo, D.O., MS

Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, ECHN
Associate Regional Assistant Dean, UNECOM
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Functional Medicine Consultant; Manchester, CT


The eye drops are lovely! Wish I had gotten them sooner, and my husband likes them too (his eyes were bad this year from pollen). Thought I would see how my hands did without my Anti-Inflammatory Formula, as I ran out. Experiment gone bad...hands are killing me! What was I thinking! - Susan Dalton - Norwalk, CT



What products or services did you use?

“Prostate cancer treatment” (In this case Formula C-Plus and Lymphatic System Support)

What did you like most?

“The immediate ease on the discomfituring symptoms at the time.”

Would you recommend this product/service?:


Additional Comments: I was worried, having just been told my PSA was 96.68 against a normal of 0.21-6.77 for my age bracket at the time. I am now 80, at least. This was the first time I was being told I had prostate cancer. I had urination problems and often found myself passing stool when I go for a short call; which could be very embarrassing. Just weeks into treatment, these terrible symptoms stopped. My night time incontinence has reduced considerably and I feel less like at death's door...which was my feeling after the diagnosis. It was kind of Dr. Montrone to donate the treatment to me, and I just wish I could have access to more of those wonder treatments! I have struggled with all these symptoms for a decade, and now I have something I can say really makes me much more comfy at 80. God bless your work Becky Montrone...just wish you were next door here. – Evans Orodi; Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa



“Found another neat use for that magnesium gel. When I have an itchy/hivey spot, I put some of that gel on and the itching stops right away (sometimes stings a bit which is much better than the crazy itching). Doing well this winter but occasionally have a flair up and it really helps. A few dabs on my face also helps with sinus headache. Just wanted to pass that on in case anyone else is in my boat.” – Susan Dalton – Norwalk, CT



"With all the bugs here I've been bragging about your wonderful Beck's Bug Blast! -I'm going to order several of them. I've got friends and coworkers who all want some. I simply LOVE it; it smells wonderful and keeps all pests away. When I get out of the shower I spray it on and never worry about a bug bite." Rachel Rines Leach - Mt. Pleasant, SC


"Just wanted to say that the MSM eye solution is fantastic. I had a small pimple on my right lower eyelid, and within a couple of days of using the MSM it was gone! I notice that my eyes definitely feel much less dry, as well... so, I'm hooked!"
Kristen Snowman-Shelley - Keene, NH


"Wondrous Skin" is just that - WONDROUS. It has a rich, creamy texture and fresh scent. Unlike other face creams that are too thin, leavy a filmy finish or vanish too quickly, this one is deeply emollient and has staying power. You can almost feel the healthful ingredients (coconut and olive, beeswax, aloe vera, essential oils, etc.) going to work. It's one of the best face creams I've used." - Lisa Krug - Brooklyn, NY


I was very excited when I got home from work yesterday and saw my package. I just love, love, love the facial program (Wondrous Skin, Wondrous Face-Wash). Had I been paying attention I would have ordered the night cream to complete the program. Next time I place an order I will add that in. I have been using the sample you gave me as a gift on Friday. Noticed how revitalizing my skin felt right off the bat. No greasy feeling, just pure cleansing.

I was out sick for a couple days. When I returned, the girl in the Business Office said how good I looked. (In the process of losing weight as well) If that is what sick does to someone she said she wanted to be sick. She noticed my skin and said how glowing it is and how healthy I look. Well, with excitement, I told her about Wondrous Skin - the sample you gave me and explained what I had ordered and about the extracts, what each herb does for you. She was in awe. I have to say in the few days I have been using the products how much smoother and revitalized my skin feels. I really feel like I radiate your product and feel like a Poster representative for you. I gave her your website and I brought all my products into work today to show her the creams and how to use them. I feel I now can toss all the other creams and astringents in the trash and clear the way for Wondrous Skin. I am very satisfied with the products and look forward to even a more healthier me." D. Hitchcock - Swanzey, NH


"Once again can't stop raving about your facial product line. My skin is really showing signs of great improvement. It is smoothing out. Working on the wrinkles. You wouldn't believe the comments people are making and I'm sharing your wondrous product information. I really love the soap and bath scrub. Used it last night. Wow you do feel that ahh feeling and the sensual scent I ordered is yummy. I work up with the scent still fresh on my body. Skin feeling smooth. I really feel great inside and out. Taking the extracts feeling great.

Just another update on how exciting this is to me. I've taken pictures of my skin to show over time how the products are performing. Wish I thought of this a couple weeks ago. I am one happy customer and believer. Thank you. Denise Hitchcock - Swanzey, NH



"Please feel free to post this on your website. Being a Senior Citizen, I've tried many pain relievers (creams, pills, etc). Nothing has worked as well as your organic remedy "Wondrous Pain Cream".

In addition to the pain relief, your cream also has the added benefit of no side effects and smoother skin. My feet are as soft as baby's skin. I feel safe in using your product because of the all natural ingredients.
Thank you.
—Leo J Fortini, Winchester, NH



"Becky, I have a great story for you. My husband and I have been in St. Martin since late December. We are friends with a couple from England. The man has diabetes, and his mum has glaucoma and diabetes.

I lent him the MSM Eye Drops of Wondrous Roots because the poor man couldn't keep his eyes open. He has used them for the past two weeks, and his eyes are open and have improved greatly! He looked MSM up online and found out that it helps people with diabetes and glaucoma. I will tell him to order the drops from you when he runs out. You do so much good for people, Becky. Happy New Year, dear friend."
—AC Michelotti - Greenwich, CT


I am giving a jar of your skin cream to my mother for Christmas. She has been telling me how beautiful my skin looks. I am using your miracle cream night and day on my face. It truly is a miracle cream!
—Anita Trudel, Windham, NH


"Michael Turcotte sold me some of that great lotion he has, I have been using it and really enjoy it- you are a modern day medicine woman!" Polly Simpkins - Greenwich, CT


I am fussy, have tissue paper, sensitive skin, & usually buy something just once, because I keep looking for something better. So, believe-you-me, if I ask you for more, you know it's a fantastic & exceptional product! A friend of mine took me to the Whole Health Expo in Boston, the East coast version of the one that meets in Anaheim. It is so huge it takes an entire day to go through. Only buyers can go; it's not open to the general public. There were many people there with different variations of your cream. Some were OK, but none of them at all as good as yours. All of the vendors were exposed to many, many buyers from far & wide. Perhaps you could set up there?" - Johanna Robinson - Southborough, MA


"Can't live without my Allergy Relief. It really helps and I double down on it this time of year when I generally run into trouble. Must be the mold and the cold. I love my new soap, too!! I am one lucky girl that our paths crossed... a real life changer!! I'm SO grateful to you and your terrific remedies."
—Susan Dalton, Norwalk, CT


Kudos to you (The Windham Independent) for continuing the articles "DIET & CANCER" by Rebecca Montrone. The information contained in these articles is invaluable to cancer patients and caretakers alike, and is presented in a way that is easy to understand!
Thank you and Rebecca Montrone!
Dorothy Ellero - Windham, NH


From India: Hi Beck, Last night we went out on the street to eat. Out of the hotel. Afterward started feeling a little weird so I took some TRAVELER'S BLEND. No issues this trip at all!!! And ... the travelers blend really tastes great. The clove is awesome. It would be a good addition to a nice tea ..... ;-) - Dale Montrone

Wondrous Lips - Cold Sore Prevention & Treatment

Swan, John OH!!! A testimonial for your friend who does the lip balm I got a cold sore on Monday around 1 I got the lip balm on it within 15 min it should have been huge because the surface area was pretty large, but it was contained and I am in the process of healing right now. Just a few small scabs 3 days later even with Abreva, it would take 7-10 days thank her for me and let her know I have been spreading the word do you know of any stores she has it in yet?


Yeast Overgrowth/Candidiasis 

“The candida formula that Becky created feels like a miracle cure. Before taking her formula, the candida made me feel run down, more susceptible to sickness and it gave me headache pain. My doctor always prescribed Diflucan which would help for awhile but it always came back and I didn’t want to take drugs all the time. I just wanted it to go away. I responded immediately to Becky’s formula and amazingly after 5 days of using the product the symptoms went away. That lasted for over 6 months. Occasionally now, the symptoms come back but I only need one day of treatment for the symptoms to retreat. BTW Becky, I think if I took the formula for 5 days again it wouldn’t bother me for a long while.” Robin Young – Windham, NH

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