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NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 16, 2021 - Dr. Gene Clerkin of Monadnock Natural Health performs his Corvid Chronicles live in the WKBK studio.   Journey with Gene as he - with transparency and honesty -  musically and lyrically reveals his "face," when it comes to the last 18+ months of "Corvid."  From here you can get his YouTube version from October 8.    Hear the radio version here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 9, 2021 - Wondrous Facial Serum formulated with MSM and more; also more on antiaging from the inside out!

Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES OCT 2, 2021 - Wondrous MSM - organic sulfur - a root of good health!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 25, 2021 - Chris Martin's story of medical rights and wishes completely disregarded here in the State of New Hampshire.  His wife Jennifer joins me in the studio today to tell this unbelievable and very frightening story.  HEAR THE PROGRAM

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 18, 2021 - Reading between the lies. HEAR THE PROGRAM!  I do start out interviewing Ann  Tom Savastano

of FirstLoveWorks introducing Anchored, a Ballet celebrating the 400 year anniversary of the Pilgrims' landing at Plymouth Rock.  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 11, 2021 - A day to remember.  No radio program today.

NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPT 4, 2021 - Daughter Krista Rae Montrone joins me in the WKBK studio to discuss our wondrous immune system!

Hear the recording now!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 28, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais joins me in the WKBK studio once again to discuss the latest in medical news!  Listen to the podcast here!


NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 21, 2021 - Coup Part 2 - what you can do!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 14, 2021 - Coup Part 1 - are we undone?  Great calls.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 7, 2021 - Forced to choose between keeping your job and taking a health risk?  Know your rights!  Listen to the recording.

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 31, 2021  It's long past time to take our lives back! Hear the podcast.

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 24, 2021 - Colleagues John-Michael Dumais and Joe Mabe join me in a 'health in the news" roundtable!  Get the podcast here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 17, 2021 - Local organic farmer Chris Longest talks about making your own fertilizers, pest control, more!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 10, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais joins me once again in the WKBK studio - Fact vs. Fiction The podcast for this program is unavailable.  So sorry, as several have asked me for it.  It was not intentionally deleted by the studio.  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 3, 2021 - Celebrating INDEPENDENCE?   Protect your health freedoms!  Hear the Podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 26, 2021 - Wildflowers of New Hampshire - more than just a pretty face!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 19, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais joins me in the studio once again.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 12, 2021 - First, "Do No Harm!"  What are we thinking?  Before you roll up your sleeve, think thrice!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 5, 2021 - Dropping a bomb; we've been in the dark too long.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 29, 2021 - "Is it the devil you know or the devil you don't know?"  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 22, 2021 - Special guest Chris Longest - local organic farmer - joins me to discuss organic farming and "how to trust in microbes."   Hear the recording!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 15, 2021 - Health tidbits from vitamin B5 to pine needles, asparagus, and more!  Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 8, 2021 - India Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY1, 2021 - Take control of your OWN health; you have more power than you know.  Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 24, 2021 - Sleep eluding you?  Digging into her medicinal plants that must might help!  Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 17, 2021 - Didn't get to triphala last week, so doing that, and then Dan Glazer of AlphaBio Centrix joins me to discuss the Bio-Energy disks and more...    Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER NOTES APRIL 10, 2021 - Triphala - for your health!  Hear the podcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 3, 2021 - Black cumin seed:  The cure for everything but death?  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 27, 2021 - Spring DETOX!   Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 20, 2021 - Spring!  Let's follow the wisdom of God through nature for this wondrous time of cleansing and renewal!  Hear the podcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 13, 2021 - Type 2 diabetes - what to do to prevent and reverse... Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 6, 2021 - Maple syrup in the newsletter, but my callers took me immediately to the jab.  A very informative and important program.   Listen to the podcast.

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 27, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais and I are together again.  HEAR THE PODCAST!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 20, 2021  John-Michael Dumais and I discuss; lots of good calls, too.  Hear the broadcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 13, 2021 - Continuing with HEART HEALTH!  Hear the broadcast!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 6, 2021 - For your HEART!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 30, 2021 - Shingles/herpes, other viruses.  Natural remedies!  Podcast here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 23, 2021 - Your Health Matters!  Tune in... Listen to the program here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 16, 2021 - Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness joins me once again.   Hear the program now...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 9, 2021 - Your health matters!  with John-Michael Dumais. Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 2, 2021 - Happy 2021! Continuing from "last year..."  Endometriosis, alternatives to anti-estrogen drugs, etc.  Hear the Podcast!