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NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 24, 2021 - Colleagues John-Michael Dumais and Joe Mabe join me in a 'health in the news" roundtable!  Get the podcast here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 17, 2021 - Local organic farmer Chris Longest talks about making your own fertilizers, pest control, more!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 10, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais joins me once again in the WKBK studio - Fact vs. Fiction The podcast for this program is unavailable.  So sorry, as several have asked me for it.  It was not intentionally deleted by the studio.  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 3, 2021 - Celebrating INDEPENDENCE?   Protect your health freedoms!  Hear the Podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 26, 2021 - Wildflowers of New Hampshire - more than just a pretty face!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 19, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais joins me in the studio once again.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 12, 2021 - First, "Do No Harm!"  What are we thinking?  Before you roll up your sleeve, think thrice!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JUNE 5, 2021 - Dropping a bomb; we've been in the dark too long.  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 29, 2021 - "Is it the devil you know or the devil you don't know?"  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 22, 2021 - Special guest Chris Longest - local organic farmer - joins me to discuss organic farming and "how to trust in microbes."   Hear the recording!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 15, 2021 - Health tidbits from vitamin B5 to pine needles, asparagus, and more!  Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY 8, 2021 - India Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MAY1, 2021 - Take control of your OWN health; you have more power than you know.  Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 24, 2021 - Sleep eluding you?  Digging into her medicinal plants that must might help!  Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 17, 2021 - Didn't get to triphala last week, so doing that, and then Dan Glazer of AlphaBio Centrix joins me to discuss the Bio-Energy disks and more...    Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER NOTES APRIL 10, 2021 - Triphala - for your health!  Hear the podcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES APRIL 3, 2021 - Black cumin seed:  The cure for everything but death?  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 27, 2021 - Spring DETOX!   Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 20, 2021 - Spring!  Let's follow the wisdom of God through nature for this wondrous time of cleansing and renewal!  Hear the podcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 13, 2021 - Type 2 diabetes - what to do to prevent and reverse... Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES MARCH 6, 2021 - Maple syrup in the newsletter, but my callers took me immediately to the jab.  A very informative and important program.   Listen to the podcast.

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 27, 2021 - John-Michael Dumais and I are together again.  HEAR THE PODCAST!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 20, 2021  John-Michael Dumais and I discuss; lots of good calls, too.  Hear the broadcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 13, 2021 - Continuing with HEART HEALTH!  Hear the broadcast!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES FEBRUARY 6, 2021 - For your HEART!  Hear the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 30, 2021 - Shingles/herpes, other viruses.  Natural remedies!  Podcast here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 23, 2021 - Your Health Matters!  Tune in... Listen to the program here!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 16, 2021 - Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness joins me once again.   Hear the program now...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 9, 2021 - Your health matters!  with John-Michael Dumais. Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JANUARY 2, 2021 - Happy 2021! Continuing from "last year..."  Endometriosis, alternatives to anti-estrogen drugs, etc.  Hear the Podcast!