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NEWSLETTER/NOTES SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 - The Covid-19 "vaccine" - the "VACCINE FROM HELL."  Listen to the broadcast.

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 29, 2020 - Dan Glazer of AlphaBio Centrix joins me to discuss this novel therapy - Bio Energy Disks.  Fascinating!  Hear the broadcast...

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 22, 2020 - Co-host John Huyck from Ohio joins me long distance to discuss Bitter Melon for diabetes, blood sugar control, cancer, cardiovascular disease; then the dangers of MiraLax - what you need to know!; then some highlights regarding the Covid vaccines currently undergoing trials.   Hear the broadcast!  

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 15, 2020 - Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness, LLC, joins me once again, this time to discuss the exciting collaboration of Dartmouth-Hitchcock-Medical-Center (DHMC) here in Keene.   Oncology department, noticing a better result with people "taking the dive" are now referring to Hyperbaric Fitness; further, Medicaid has agreed to pay for those who are under their umbrella, and that is HUGE.   Listen to the broadcast here and share it, because many can benefit!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 8, 2020 - Covid have you scared?  You have much more power than you know.  Dr. Gene Clerkin of Monadnock Natural Health joins me in the WKBK studio to discuss.   Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES AUGUST 1, 2020 - Gerhard Bedding joins me to talk about the one-sided narrative surrounding Covid and the suppression and censoring of important information.   Get the podcast!

NEWSLETTER/NOTES JULY 25, 2020 - The Glutathione Girl strikes again!  "Glutathione deficiency the most likely cause of poor outcome and death in Covid 19 patients."  Hear the recording!

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES JULY 18, 2020 - Renowned doctor and research scientist Dr. Robert O. Young joins me in the studio with co-hosts Dr. Gene Clerkin and Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness, LLC.  Why everything you're hearing about Covid is wrong.  Catch the podcast here! 

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES JULY 11, 2020 - Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness, LLC, joins me for a second time in the studio.  This was an excellent hour of conversation with some good calls and questions.  I'll post the podcast as soon as it's up.  The newsletter has important information surrounding Covid you aren't hearing in the mainstream and need to know.  Good news, actually, but that you don't know it is BAD news. 

NEWSLETTER JULY 4, 2020 - Replayed Ted Keller's interview from April 25 on glutathione.  But the newsletter has important info related to Covid, so check it out if you haven't seen it.  


NEWSLETTER RADIO NOTES JUNE 27, 2020 - Guggul - a wondrous plant medicine in the spotlight - thyroid support, weight management, cholesterol control, acne, much more!  Then.... a special fern for the skin.... Listen to the broadcast here...

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES JUNE 20, 2020 - Becky talks with special guest Dr. Gene Clerkin of Monadnock Natural Health.   Listen to the broadcast here...

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES JUNE 13, 2020 - Depressed, irritable, anxious, suffer from PMDD; any or all of the above?  5-HTP to the rescue!  Listen to the broadcast here...

RADIO NOTES JUNE 6, 2020 - Raymond Elias from Toronto joins me to discuss two micro-minerals with macro-health benefits... Think zinc!  Then boron (NOT boring)!   Get the podcast here!

RADIO NOTES MAY 30, 2020 - Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness joins me for a riveting program - how your health can benefit!  Get the podcast here!

RADIO NOTES MAY 23, 2020 - Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... for your health!   Get the podcast here!

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES MAY 9, 2020 - Dog dewormer to defeat human cancer?   Listen to the broadcast here...

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES MAY 2, 2020 - The Hannah Grimes Marketplace!  Listen to the broadcast here... 

NEWSLETTER/RADIO NOTES APRIL 25, 2020 - Ted Keller, compound pharmacist and naturopath, joins me long distance from Colorado to talk about glutathione.   He is the foremost expert when it comes to glutathione and will fascinate you with his knowledge concerning this Miracle Molecule.   Catch the podcast here....

RADIO NOTES APRIL 18, 2020 - Peeling back the layers on Covid-19.   Get the podcast here!

RADIO NOTES APRIL 11, 2020 - Time to fight to get our freedoms back!  Covid-10 hysteria has changed our entire way of life.  Losing our most basic freedoms is a much scarier prospect than catching a virus.  "We've had enough, and we're not going to take it anymore!" 


RADIO NOTES APRIL 4, 2020 - Help for your heart and cardiovascular health found in a green seaweed... LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES MARCH 28, 2020 - Spring allergies and some wondrous herbs to help... Introducing the new "Proactive Health Collective of Keene," and more... LISTEN HERE... 

RADIO NOTES MARCH 21, 2020 - Spring is here once again... We'll be talking about resilience, some tips for keeping the immune system strong and for lung health, more... tune in!  

RADIO NOTES MARCH 14, 2020 - The remarkable immune system; wondrously keeping us well!  LISTEN HERE

RADIO NOTES MARCH 7, 2020 - "An ounce of prevention?"  Vitamin C and COVID-19 - what you don't know can't help you... LISTEN

RADIO NOTES FEB 29, 2020 - Cissus quandrangularis - "CQ" - a wondrous plant medicine!  LISTEN IN!


RADIO NOTES FEB 22, 2020 - Men's hormonal health! LISTEN HERE...

RADIO NOTES FEB 15, 2020 - Coffee - Good for your thyroid??  Yes!  Moderate osteoporosis - Good for your bones?  Yes!  LISTEN IN...


RADIO NOTES FEB 8, 2020 - Pricey blood thinners bleeding your bank account?  What to DO!  Introducing two wondrous enzymes - serrapeptase and nattokinase.... LISTEN HERE!

RADIO NOTES FEB 1, 2020 - Support for Kidney Health!  Even if you've been told "there's no hope."  LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM

RADIO NOTES JAN 25, 2020 - Quercetin for blood pressure, dill - a super antibiotic - herbs and essential oils for Coronaviruses... LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM

RADIO NOTES JAN 18, 2020 - Leptin:  The missing link when it comes to your weight loss efforts? LISTEN IN!

RADIO NOTES JAN 11, 2020 -  "A wee sprout you need to know about!" Which one?  Broccoli! Why?  Sulforaphane... a mighty warrior when it comes to your health!  LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM

RADIO NOTES JAN 4, 2020 - Ellagic Acid for weight loss, cancer, diabetes, fatty liver, much more... Ellagic is found in wondrous foods such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, pecans, walnuts, and the ox tongue mushroom.   Tips for ADHD and other conditions that require brain support -  LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM!

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