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  • As the question of vaccination mandates hits the headlines and the US Capital, the concern that seems not at all addressed – and the one that puts an immediate end to all debate – is that of personal freedom. If the United States becomes a place where people do not have the right to choose or refuse their own medical interventions, we are no longer a free people. Forcing people against their will to receive into their bodies any substance or to undergo any unwanted procedure is assault and battery, it is tyrannical, it is criminal. Think of China’s one-child policy. Weren’t we all aghast with the accounts of forced abortions? Of government authorities paying regular visits to homes to make sure the birth control pills were being taken? After all, this was done for the “good of the people.” And now, it is happening here. It has been happening here for a very long time in a gradual fashion, but now the “measles epidemic” – a mild illness of short duration affecting some 200 recently in a population of 330 million, is just the opportunity Big Pharma and other special interests have been eagerly watching for. Well, Becky, after all, this isn’t the same thing. Oh, yes it is. If we mandate vaccinations because someone – anyone – has deemed them necessary for the “good of the people,” what comes next? What if it is popularly decided our population is getting out of control? As we move forward in the discussions of this forum, we will be talking a lot about and exposing the truth behind the vaccination industry. But, for now... The bottom line? Making vaccinations mandatory will set a precedent in this nation – the “land of the free and the brave” – and open the gate for unlimited abuses and violations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • I love sharing information and receiving it. Share your experiences, tips, questions; you name it! Thanks for joining and contributing.
  • As I have announced in my newsletter and on my radio program last week, I left Facebook and Pinterest for their blatant censorship of information regarding health topics such as vaccination injury. We need places where we can talk about these things and post vital information without censorship. I'm hoping many more private forums like this one will emerge. Thank you for joining and for our contributions.