The Wondrous Roots' Position on Covid-19

The Wondrous Roots’ Position on Covid-19

· Coronaviruses are among the most common of viruses

· Similar to influenza viruses, they appear, run their course, and are over

· The frail, elderly, and those with other illnesses and therefore more vulnerable, should take measures to protect themselves, exactly the same as is done during a normal flu season.

· Covid-19 is behaving the same way all of these other viruses do.

· Social distancing is not only unhelpful but counterproductive, because when people are out and about, picking up the virus and forming immunity, the virus wanes, and we go on. Our immune systems are strengthened by exposure to “germs.”

· Staying inside is not only unhelpful but counterproductive; we don’t have flu season in the summer because people are outside.

· Very many of us have already had this virus earlier on and just didn’t realize that was what it was; we got sick, and then we got better.

· Social distancing, in addition to being harmful to our health and slowing down the natural waning of the virus, is causing devastation to our economy, as businesses fold, people lose their jobs, depression and anxiety flourish, and suicide rates skyrocket.

· Focusing the medical structure wholly on Covid-19 is causing harm to the true pressing health issues, as people are forced to put off elective surgeries, etc. How many are dying because we’re saving space in our system for potential Covid-19 cases?

· Covid-19 is being held to an entirely different standard by the CDC and the WHO when it comes to testing and diagnosis. If a person dies from ANYTHING and happens to test positive for Covid-19, whether symptomatic or not, that death is entered into Covid statistics.

· IF someone dies with symptoms that might be attributed to Covid-19 (and isn’t that a very broad description – that could be the common cold or a flu!) and does not test positive for Covid-19, they can still be entered into Covid-19 death statistics – all based on “suspected” infection!

I encourage everyone to resist fear and hold our government to account.

Let’s get back to work and church and restaurants and stores and life!

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