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At Wondrous Roots we make our own CBD Extract. 


Extract, not oil. 


"CBD oil" is not oil extracted from the plant.   It is a CBD infusion, and the carriers are usually olive or MCT (medium chain triglyceride such as coconut) oil.  These oils can go rancid over time, and because at Wondrous Roots we do not use preservatives, we do an alcohol extraction instead, so there is no expiration date.  The alcohol is the carrier and the "preservative," so to speak.

How does that work?

First, we procure the most exquisite, potent, organic varieties of Cannabis high in cannabidiol (CBD) and low (perfectly legal amount) of THC - tetrahydrocannabinol.  This will not make you high and, again, is perfectly legal.

Second, we decarboxylate them by heat to bring out the CBD properties of the plant.

Third, we immediately cover with a set ratio of  grain alcohol and stir occasionally over 30 minutes time.

Fourth, strain.

Voila!  Exquisite CBD Extract.  

Our plant material.   Everything organic and variations of species, all high in CBD content but some more nuance your mood, your pain, your sleep, etc.  We combine them and THEN go extra for more percentage plant per solvent. 


Potency.  Our extract boasts a good 20 mg per ML dose; this equals over 500 mg per fluid ounce.  

Price.  Compare our price - 500 mg/OZ with Charlotte's Web

Theirs - $59.99   Ours - $40

Taste.  Delicious, like fine wines from exquisite grapes.  The varieties we combine smell amazing and taste amazing.   

Caveats.  This extract is in a base of grain alcohol.  This is not a problem for people who are gluten sensitive, but not very appealing to children and might be avoided by those with alcohol sensitivity.  This, however, can be overcome by adding the dose to a bit of hot water and allowing to sit ten minutes before drinking.  

Purchase.  You will not find these on our commercial website by searching, but you can purchase by following these links:

Purchase 1 OZ for $40

Purchase 2 OZ for $75

Purchase 4 OZ for $140

OR call 603-439-2503 and place a phone order 9:30-5 EST M-F

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